COVID-19 Level 2 Information

Level 2 means returning with smaller class numbers (classes limited to 10 clients) so we can better distance ourselves in studio.

Please book in ahead online. This will also make it easier for us to record those attending barre classes.


Anyone who is unwell must stay at home. We ask that you cancel online as soon as you can to free your spot.


We have slightly shortened our class times to 55 minutes to allow for additional cleaning time between classes. We have hand sanitiser and cleaning products available.


Please limit what you need to bring along (but do bring your things into studio 3). Barre socks or dance footwear are required. Towels are recommended.

What should I wear to class?
Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in – something you’d wear for pilates or yoga.
​Socks are required and non-slip grippy socks are available for purchase at the studio.

What should I bring?
We’ll have all the equipment you’ll need there at the studio, so just bring a bottle of water,
a hand towel, grippy socks or dance footwear and a positive attitude!
We do ask that you not bring your cell phones into class with you, as this can be distracting. 
If you’re expecting an important call, let us know.

It’s my first class. What do I need to do?
If it's your first time, please arrive 5 minutes early so you can fill in a new client form,
find the studio and introduce yourself to us.

Health and safety
Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or medical conditions.
For health and safety reasons, clients are not permitted into the studio room ten minutes past the start of class.


What to expect in class?
Barre classes are 60 minutes long. Each class will being with a warmup followed by 
specifically designed exercises to target legs, arms and core.
We may use hand weights, stability balls and mats. Classes finish with stretches and cool down.
Choreography and exercises sequences will vary each class to keep you motivated.

Do you have change facilities?
There are toilets and a changing room at the studio. There are no shower facilities. 

How often should I attend?
For best results, attend barre classes 2 or more times per week.

Is there any parking? 
There is plenty of parking at the studio as well as free parking on the main street (Felton Mathew Ave).
Please keep in mind that the driveway is one lane for traffic in and out of the studio carpark.

Can I attend class during pregnancy?
Yes, barre is a safe workout for pre- and post-natal care. A few appropriate modifications make 
classes a thorough and effective workout, helping you prepare your body for labour and 
keep your body toned thus making it much easier to regain fitness after baby is born.  
Please note that written consent from your doctor is required. 

PLUS we have morning classes during the week when you can bring baby along to barre.

What if I'm worried about my fitness level/lack of experience?
We aim to make Barre By Geronimo place where everyone will
feel comfortable – regardless of age, gender and fitness level.
Barre is a low-impact workout and as long as you can hold on to the ballet barre,
you can do barre with us. No dancing experience is required.
​Just listen to your instructor and your body and enjoy!

​If you have any further questions don't hesitate to fill in the enquiry form below. 
We're happy to answer any questions you might have. 



P: 021 616 556


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